Hoarseness and disorders of the vocal cords, chronic cough and throat clearing, and a chronic sense of a lump in the throat are perplexing symptoms. These symptoms often cause stress because they persist despite many different medical treatments. These complaints are often not accurately diagnosed because of limited ability to evaluate the affected areas of the throat.

Recently, high definition videostroboscopic camera systems that slow the motion of the vocal cords and visualize the act of swallowing foods and liquids have become available. These imaging devices now allow accurate and precise evaluation of the larynx, base of tongue, and entrance into the swallowing tube(esophagus) and windpipe (trachea).

Alabama ENT, in association with the staffing services of Franklin Vocals, has certified speech language pathologists (SLP's)  that specialize in the structure and function of the voice box (larynx). These  clinicians work with Dr. Sciacca to accurately evaluate and, in some cases, assist in treating chronic hoarseness. Monica S. Franklin CCC-SLP and Emily S. Blake CCC-SLP, are available to examine patients with the above complaints. They are also able to test for dysfunction associated with swallowing liquids or various consistencies of solid foods by examining the areas critical for this function.

The high definition videostroboscopic examination is performed while the patient sits upright and awake, in a comfortable chair, without the need for general anesthesia or an operating room setting. The patient, Dr. Sciacca, and the speech language pathologist all are then involved in the diagnosis and treatment options recommended. Normal anatomy and the findings of the patient are clearly contrasted and compared at the completion of the procedure. This often relieves the patient's anxiety as they are able to clearly see the area of concern for their chronic symptom(s). If any abnormalities are detected, recommendations for further testing, appropriate medical therapy, speech or swallowing therapy, or surgical intervention can then be given based on visible findings. High definition photographs of any positive findings are made available to the patient for second opinion or further specialist consultation of their choice.

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