Thyroid cancer is usually recognized by thyroid nodules or swelling of the thyroid gland (goiter). A benign thyroid nodule is called an adenoma. Diagnostic techniques useful for diagnosing thyroid cancer are ultrasound, fine needle biopsy, nuclear medicine, and MRI or CT scans. Symptoms of thyroid cancer include hoarseness, difficulty breathing or swallowing, neck pain, swollen neck lymph nodes, weight loss, or coughing. In addition to surgery to remove the cancerous tissue, your doctor may recommend a radioactive iodine treatment. In more serious cases, radiation and/or chemotherapy may be required. Note that if any or all of the thyroid is surgically removed, you may have to take replacement thyroid hormones in pill form for the remainder of your life to keep your metabolism functioning at an optimal level for your good health.

Thyroid/Head and Neck Surgery
Dr. Sciacca currently no longer performs thyroid or major head and neck cancer surgery as his practice is devoted almost exclusively to outpatient surgical procedures. He now refers his head and neck cancer patients to a qualified local ENT surgeon in the Hoover-Shelby area who has a hospital based practice. If you have symptoms that are suggestive of one of these cancers, please contact our office right away and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sciacca. He can assess whether a surgical referral is needed.

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