Types of Smokeless Tobacco
Smokeless tobacco includes snuff, chewing tobacco, plug, or spit tobacco. Snuff is is finely ground tobacco that is put between the cheek and gums or sniffed thru the nose. Chewing tobacco is leaf tobacco that is put inside the cheek. Plug or spit tobacco is smokeless tobacco that is used with the accumulated saliva and tobacco juices then spit out. 

Risks of Smokeless Tobacco
Three to four times as much nicotine is absorbed from smokeless tobacco than from cigarettes and it stays in the bloodstream longer. Smokeless tobacco contains 28 cancer - causing substances. The risk of cancer in smokeless tobacco users is 50 times greater than in non users and can occur in any age, often affecting young people. Cancer can occur within six years after even a short smokeless tobacco using habit. The cancer seen from this form is very aggresive and spreads very fast. Those who use this form also need more and stronger tobacco over time to get the same effect. This explains why once addicted the smokeless tobacco user faces an uphill battle to quit.

Signs of Smokeless Tobacco Addiction:

  • No longer feeling dizzy or sick like when you first started.
  • Not being able to go more than a few hours without dipping or chewing.
  • Switching to a stronger tobacco with more nicotine.
  • Needing a chew or dip upon first awakening.
  • Sleeping with a dip or chew in the mouth.
  • Swallowing the juice on a regular basis.
  • Having strong cravings when trying to not dip or chew.

Quitting Tips:

  • Set a quit date.
  • Cut back before you quit.
  • Get support - before you quit.  Talk with family and friends. Join a quit support group.
  • Make a list of all your "triggers'- the places, emotions, or situations that make you want to use smokeless tobacco.
  • Learn to manage stress. Find ways to relax, listen to music, watch movies, take walks. Try yoga or deep breathing exercises.
  • Take care of your health. Eat healthy, limit caffeine, exercise, try to sleep 7-9 hrs each night.
  • Contact your doctor. Tell him all the medicines, natural remedies, vitamins, and other supplements you take. Ask for tobacco cessation and stress relieving medicines that help.


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