Acupuncture is becoming more widely accepted in the United States, by patients and the medical profession, as being a useful treatment modality for a variety of health problems. Since 2005, however, confusing insurance CPT codes have been used for reimbursing certified medical acupuncturist who treat patients. The current CPT reimbursement provides grossly inadequate payment for the time required for pretreatment consultation (1 hour) and average treatment sessions (45-60 min). This fact, coupled with the time and expense required for physicians to learn and become board certified in acupuncture, has been the major factor for slower acceptance and use by the physician population in this country.

Excellent studies have been recently published that document dramatic beneficial results in relieving symptoms of dry mouth (xerostomia) and nausea experienced by cancer patients who receive radiation or chemotherapy treatments. These symptoms are very debilitating to these patients; even modest relief is welcomed by them and the results are quite impressive in several studies performed to date.

Acupuncture treatments for these two conditions are often needed more frequently (two - three times per week) than for other health conditions. However, if successful, acupuncture treatment  will usually produce a beneficial response by the end of the third treatment. Many of the cancer patients receiving chemo or radiation therapy describe the symptoms of dry mouth or nausea as worse than the cancer treatment side effects. 

Please review our website medical acupuncture links below  to read about medical acupuncture and Dr. Sciacca's qualifications and training in this specialty. Dr. Sciacca charges $150 dollars for the pre treatment consultation. Charges for repeat acupuncture treatment sessions are normally $75-$100 based on the time and materials used. Call our office for an appointment if you or a family member is interested in this unique treatment approach.

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