Dr Sciacca and Alabama ENT Associates is proud to announce the onsite affiliation of Ms. Karen Bishop, R.D., L.D. She is available for self and medical professional referral consultations for food allergy patients. Ms. Bishop has previously been an associate practitioner with our practice here on the Medplex campus. She then served as the coordinator of The Smart Wellness Program , a holistic focused health and wellness program developed and copywrited by Dr. Sciacca in 1996. The Smart Wellness Program focused on tobacco cessation, health and diet related issues, and food allergies within our general patient population. Due to lack of reimbursement by the main insurance provider in the state for professional services provided by a dietician within a physician's office, however, the program was suspended.

Ms. Bishop attended many national and regional allergy meetings while associated with our practice and is a former clinical instructor within the fields of complementary and integrative  medicine. She has experience in treatment of pediatric and adult food related allergic and medical issues. She is accepting new and previous clients who are in need of evaluation and treatment of food related health problems. She is available by appointment Tuesday thru Friday of each week.

Patients within our practice who desire consultation for their diet related health or allergy issues will be scheduled for an appointment with Ms. Bishop. Her services are provided on an hourly rate that is determined by her; and will be the patient's responsibility with payment expected at time of service. Ms. Bishop charges $125/hr for the initial consultation and $60/hr for return appointments. 

We look forward to providing our patients with an opportunity for assistance from an experienced certified dietician, with additional training and expertise in food allergy. Her expertise is invaluable to anyone who suffers from food allergy, or dietary health conditions, to enable them to return to a healthier state again.   

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