Medical Acupuncture
Within the last decade medical acupuncture has become a viable choice of treatment for many health conditions. At present there are about 1,500 physicians in the United States who are members of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. This physician organization is relatively young and smaller in number than the much larger classical acupuncture organizations for those trained in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The medical acupuncture board certification (DABMA) is awarded only to medical (M.D.) or osteopathic (O.D.) physicians who have passed vigorous clinical and written examinations and have at least 200 hours of formal training. Fellowship status (FAAMA) in acupuncture is granted to those board certified physician acupuncturists who satisfy additional training and experience within the field. Medical acupuncture is unique in that both Western classical medicine and Eastern acupuncture principles are combined in the diagnostic and treatment approach.  

Acupuncture Basics
Both acupuncture approaches, however, are based upon the principles of six paired energy channels thru which essential energy or lifesource, called Chi (Qi), is continuously circulating or flowing. Acute and chronic illness is caused by a blockage of this homeostatic energy flow. There are a number of entry and exit points and interconnecting circuits located at precise anatomical points on the body that assist in maintaining a smooth, continuous energy flow. These important points are stimulated by insertion of thin flat, stainless steel needles at precise body points; selected after physical examination and personal history analysis. Personality traits and patient preferences to a variety of things such as colors, taste, odors, emotions, seasons of the year, and time of day are combined with childhood or current health conditions to formulate an effective medical acupuncture treatment plan. This composite analysis is called a biopsychotype and dictates what is the most appropriate therapy. A recent book "Getting to Know You" by Dr Joseph M. Helms, the "father of medical acupuncture", who has trained the vast majority of physician medical acupuncturists, explains the principles and importance of personality type to medical acupuncture treatment in clear and interesting terms. 

Dr. Sciacca, trained by Dr. Helms, is board certified by the American Board of Medical Acupuncture. He has over 400 hours of formal medical acupuncture training. If you have interest in medical acupuncture treatment or would like more information about medical acupuncture, please contact our office for an informative brochure about medical acupuncture. 

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