Hearing loss is becoming more prevalent in our society at earlier ages. Presbycusis is hearing loss associated with the aging process, rare before the mid fifties, and is usually noticed in the higher frequency ranges. These frequencies are also associated with soft sounds especially as noted in hearing female and children's voices. The increased amplification capabilities of head phones and increased IPOD use in our younger population needs close observation and followup. Many older hard rock and heavy metal band members that toured the country and the world have severe high frequency nerve loss from chronic exposure to intense noise levels. Also of recent concern are the multiple deployments of our young military service men and women to combat areas.  Many in this age population have sustained IED blast and concussive head injuries with associated detrimental acoustical trauma. The most common disability currently experienced by our military personnel is hearing loss and tinnitis. These individuals are almost certainly going to produce a marked increase in patients seen by ENT physicians for noise induced tinnitis and hearing loss. A recent Veterans Administration study estimates that more than 60,000 younger age veterans now suffer from hearing loss and tinnitis. 

Many developmental psychologist believe that we learn about 80% of our conversational speech vocabulary by six years of age. Fortunately many hospital and birthing centers now perform neonatal testing to detect congenital or in utero hearing loss in children at birth. Teachers, however, due to socioeconomic differences, are sometimes the first to detect a possible hearing impairment when these young children begin formal classroom education.

Current Technology
Technology has grown exponentially in regard to digital , narrow band, selective amplification for previously non aidable hearing loss. Cochlear implants and surgically implantable nerve and bone conductive devices are now available for unilateral deafness or profound hearing loss in patients of all ages. Dr. Sciacca wears hearing aids to correct an isolated high frequency hearing loss as a result of combat experience in Vietnam. His isolated high frequency hearing loss was not aidable until the last three years, demonstrating the ever changing improvement in audiological technology. 

Alabama ENT is proud to have Mrs. Casey Arnold, M.S.,CCC - A. as our practice audiologist to assist Dr. Sciacca with evaluating children and adult patients with hearing loss. She is present on Mondays to provide hearing testing, hearing aid consultation and fittings for our patients. Please call us for an appointment with Dr. Sciacca or Mrs. Arnold if we can be of assistance.

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