Experience and Certification
Alabama ENT and Dr. Sciacca has been actively testing and treating inhalant and food allergies since 1982. The accurate diagnosis and treatment of allergy has been a viable subspecialty within the American Academy of Otolaryngology even before 1982. There is a subspecialty certification that requires passing both a written and oral examination given by the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. Dr. Sciacca is board certified in otolaryngic allergy by that organization. Over the years, he has experienced and utilized many different in vitro (blood) tests: RAST, ELISA, MAST, ALCAT, MRT and in vivo (skin) tests: SET, Prick, Patch, IDT, and MQT tests developed during that time.

Testing Advances
Allergy skin testing techniques have evolved over the years.  Testing is now performed with far fewer antigens (usually less than 50)  versus several hundred as used in the past.  None of our patients have ever required hospitalization for severe allergic reactions such as acute asthma, bronchospasm, or anaphylaxis during testing or treatment by us with allergy injections (called immunotherapy).  Recent data from around the world also supports the efficacy of sublingual drop allergy immunotherapy; with no reported severe or fatal reactions from properly mixed treatment vials. This form of therapy can be valuable for needle phobic adults or small children who are resistant to allergy injections.

The allergy technicians at Alabama ENT are certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngologic Allergy and have been further trained by Dr. Sciacca. Our goal is to provide effective allergy desensitization for patients not responsive to standard allergy medications (nasal antihistamine and nasal steroid sprays, singulair, or other oral allergy medications); or who don't want to take daily medication for symptom relief. We see our allergy patients back on a regular basis to follow their progress. Food allergies are diagnosed by medical history and selective blood tests. Severe food allergies are usually known to the patient or confirmed with RAST testing coupled with dietary history. Dr. Sciacca has utilized several dieticians over the years at his own expense. Unfortunately, Alabama BCBS does not reimburse physicians for dieticians working within a medical office. Therefore, he now refers to several qualified dieticians in the Birmingham area, when he feels it necessary, for nutritional or dietary support for severe food allergic patient cases.

Please review additional information about allergy presented in the Patient Education section of our website. Please contact our office for an appointment with Dr. Sciacca if you have suspected allergies that are non responsive to medical therapy; or have had previous allergy testing or treatment that was non diagnostic or not effective.

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